Alternative Investment Firm delivers high-value investment insights to its clients

This client is a global investment adviser that focuses primarily on credit and value investing strategies across multiple markets. Concentrated on seeking value in less efficient markets and through complex opportunities, they are a global presence that has invested over $55 billion since its inception in 1993.

Their analysts were struggling with an on-prem, legacy platform architected for individualized reporting, making it difficult for analysts to support the growing demands of the business. With silos of data scattered across the organization, analysts struggled to gain a complete picture and understanding of their data assets in a timely fashion. In addition, each new dataset that analysts wanted to use had to be manually added and cleansed, taking time away from creating actionable investment insights.

In order to increase its competitive advantage as a global player in the financial services industry, they had to implement an enterprise data analytics strategy that would scale with the growth of their business and allow for the addition of new technologies and data sources.

Caserta was brought in to assess the client’s data analytics challenges. Caserta’s recommended solution roadmap included setting up an AWS cloud architecture and ingestion pipelines which deliver key datasets into a cloud-based data warehouse.

Caserta helped them go from a legacy and limited reporting platform to a cloud-based data analytics solution that is both extensible and flexible to support the internal and external demands of the business.

Their new cost-effective cloud-based unified data warehouse has enabled analysts to further comprehend their data and make better investing decisions that fuel growth.

The architecture of the data warehouse has enabled the integration of new and evolving alternative data sources to address current needs and provides a foundation platform for embracing innovative data sources as needed.