Testing new research ideas 87% faster

This leading provider of financial data and insight delivering credit ratings, assessments, and analyses that governments, companies, investors, and individuals use to make actionable decisions.

Financial industry publishing giant leveraged Caserta’s expertise in Data Governance to create and implement a strategy for an Enterprise Data Catalog solution that would unify its five business units and democratize data across the organization. Their business units were run mostly autonomously, each with its own data environment and data assets. As a result, visibility into available assets and data products across the organization was minimal, with the end result being that analysts and researchers could not identify, access and leverage data available in other divisions. Their executives wanted to foster collaboration and enable seamless data sharing to enable holistic product development across all of their business units. The company engaged Caserta to create an Enterprise Data Catalog that would manage the vast directory of data assets from across the enterprise and increase the efficiency of data discovery and gathering throughout the organization.

Caserta analyzed each business unit’s requirements and chose CKAN, an open-source data portal used by both enterprises and government agencies, as the platform for the solution. CKAN is a highly customizable framework for building robust data catalogs and data access portals. Requirements were gathered for the development of a supporting metadata taxonomy to describe the datasets and create a Google-like search capability.

The Enterprise Data Catalog indexes tens of thousands of datasets and sits across all five business units, providing governed access to the supporting data. The solution allows people to search, discover, and use data through role-based access.

For the first time, this financial giant was able to share all of its various data assets across the entire organization. Analysts have a single place where they can go to search for data regardless of where it is in the enterprise. As a result, they can now access data they are entitled to immediately and act on it right away instead of navigating separate and complex organizational structures. In addition, the new Enterprise Data Catalog has made testing new product ideas more efficient—ideas which took up to eight months to test are now able to be tested in about a month.