Staying Ahead of the Competition

To continue to be a world leader in the publishing world, this blue-blood needed to unchain itself from legacy systems and shut down the on-premises data center for good.

In 2017, this news publisher had all of their data in legacy systems in multiple locations. Capacity and system constraints choked their analytics capabilities resulting in time-consuming reports to business stakeholders. Analysts were unable to drill down into the lowest level of detail for unconstrained speed-of-thought analysis.

In order to continue to be a worldwide leader in a fiercely competitive publishing market, their business teams needed to reengineer their 15-year-old data warehouse to the cloud. This strategic move would empower them to make data-driven decisions and future-proof the business for years to come.

The goals of the cloud transformation were to focus more on data and not on operations, to leverage innovation happening in cloud services, and to improve analytics delivery speed.

Journey to the Cloud

Their data engineering team was mandated with rearchitecting all of their data systems to the cloud and shutting down their three data centers for good—all by March 2018. The team had no room for error in order to meet this tight deadline.

The legacy system and processes were used to manage data around digital subscribers, home delivery, customer care and to forecast growth around subscribers and subscriptions. Hundreds of reports were in use to power the business across the enterprise.

Their began their journey to the cloud in early 2017 with a deadline of closing down all data centers by March 2018. It quickly became clear that transforming the systems to the cloud was a monumental task with many challenges. As there was no wiggle room for failure, the data engineering team needed help on their journey to ensure success.

Caserta’s experts interfaced with the data engineering team to assess what needed to be done, design an architecture framework that was completely reimagined for the cloud, and build the new cloud-based systems.

Cloud Transformation Success

With Caserta’s help, this leading news organization met the deadline to reengineer and deploy all data ecosystems in the cloud. They could now leverage the cloud systems to gain deeper insights and drive further growth. The new flexible and scalable architecture can handle any volume of data and any number of additional sources helping to future-proof their business. In addition to the business analytics, the product teams can now use this data to further improve the user experience bolstering customer retention rates.