Real-time reporting put global insurance provider at the head of the pack

Leveraging Caserta’s time-to-value expertise in enterprise data warehousing and business intelligence, the global insurance company was able to perform real-time reporting through a system that got them to market in a fraction of the predicted time.

Two years before Caserta was called, this company started a data warehouse project with a different consulting firm. Due to an evolving data strategy and complex environments, they and their partner had trouble completing the project. Business Intelligence requests still took weeks or months to complete, preventing the business from creating new data-driven opportunities.

The complexity of a complete data warehouse/business intelligence solution was underestimated so they engaged Caserta to bring the project forward and materialize a solution of value.

Caserta worked with the business and IT to gather requirements, analyze existing systems and reverse engineer previous attempts at a data warehouse solution to provide a gap analysis and create an actionable implementation roadmap.

In just four months, Caserta designed and implemented the overall solution architecture, business requirements analysis, data warehouse design, data profiling, data modeling, ETL, data cleansing, a quality assurance sub-system, database optimization, and project management.

The Enterprise Data Warehouse captured, integrated, and presented 15 years of quotes, policies, claims, providers, member retention, and other key variables from which analysts could pull valuable information.

This global leader now has the ability to do real-time reporting that supports cross-functional analytics, data mining, and predictive modeling across the firm’s myriad operations and locations. Caserta was able to get their Enterprise Data Warehouse up and running in four months, showing incredible time to value after their previous two-year attempt.