caserta launches think tank to reimagine reference architecture for client solutions

Caserta Launches Think Tank to Reimagine Reference Architecture

Caserta’s Think Tank will gather the firm’s top minds and industry thought leaders to ideate and execute a reference architecture that may become the new industry standard for immediately monetizing data assets.

August 13, 2019 (NEW YORK) — In line with its continued leadership in providing the best solutions for the enterprise, Caserta announced today the formation of a Think Tank to reimagine its reference architecture.

The Think Tank team, comprised of a diverse group of Caserta’s leading consultants and external experts, will pool their diverse skillsets to ideate, architect, and build the new reference architecture for 2020. The reference architecture will feature machine learning and artificial intelligence for automated data preparation, smart data discovery, data unification, and data visualization, among other capabilities.

The goal of Caserta’s new reference architecture is to revolutionize how organizations find, query, analyze, and visualize data. Once using the new architecture, clients will be able to ingest and leverage any piece of data almost instantly and visualize insights from their data in mere seconds with minimal human intervention. As a result, clients will be able to quickly make business decisions, identify new revenue channels, target missed opportunities, and intelligently drive business applications.

Remarking on the formation of the Think Tank, Caserta founding President Joe Caserta said, “Devising this solution will take hard work, dedication, and relentless collaboration. I’m very confident that our talented team will create a solution that can become one of the most sought after data solutions in the industry.”

Caserta’s current go-to reference architecture, dubbed “Swan,” was conceived several years ago and leverages modern technologies and frameworks. Today, Caserta consultants use Swan to implement solutions for each of its industry-leading clients. Once the new reference architecture has been completed and tested, it will become the new standard at Caserta and potentially revolutionize the data industry.