Status Report: Blockchain Economic Forum 2017

“Status Report: Blockchain Economic Forum 2017” — Medium

In this piece for Medium, “Status Report: Blockchain Economic Forum 2017,” Caserta’s Director, Innovation Labs, Maxwell Goldbas, reflects on his experience at this year’s BEF, October 31st – November 1st in New York City, and discusses how the events agenda is reflective of the current state of blockchain technology.

He writes: “During the panels speakers with varying degrees of technical, legal and philosophical expertise, there was an intense focus on regulation, central banking and public policy. You can tell that there is a strong combination of fear and excitement between the older regulatory scholars and the young tech-focused entrepreneurs. However the sampling of thought leaders who assembled BEF were far more thoughts than action. If BEF is representative of the industry as a whole, I advise attendees to show leadership by developing business relationships with conventional industries, then demonstrating the value of blockchain solutions.”

For the full piece, please visit Maxwell’s original post. 

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