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Operationalizing Data Governance at MIT CDOIQ

MIT CDOIQ 2020 Keynote on Operationalizing Data Governance

Despite Data Governance being a hot topic at organizations worldwide, operationalizing it has continued to be a monumental hurdle. Although many leading organizations have a data governance strategy in place, few have successfully implemented and operationalized their strategies.

Join renown thought-leader and founding CEO of Caserta, Joe Caserta, for a dive into how to operationalize Data Governance. In this on-demand presentation from MIT CDOIQ 2020, you’ll learn the many business opportunities of solid data governance strategy, challenges to operationalizing data governance, and actionable guidance on how to implement data governance at your organization.

Key takeaways will include how to establish a data organization, modern master data techniques, automating data and IT governance, ensuring data quality in the modern data ecosystem, generating, harnessing and sharing metadata, and data access, privacy and sovereignty.

Watch on-demand presentation on how to operationalize data governance.