Moving Forward with Big Data: Investments, Challenges, and Predictions

At the EDW 2016 Conference in San Diego, Caserta Concepts’ CEO Joe Caserta talked about the future of Big Data.  Read the article to hear what he had to say about start-ups, big data and the Data Lake.

People are using computers, smart phones, and laptops with increasing regularity. As a result, businesses are collecting and storing huge amounts of data, or Big Data. Acquiring insights from all this information is a challenge, but is also key to achieving a competitive advantage. Analytics solutions that find unstructured and structured data can help tremendously in gaining insights. This data can come from privately acquired sources, but can also come from public data available on the Internet. The ability to cross-reference private information about consumer preferences, and information from blogs, tweets, and data from social networks, can allow organizations to understand the needs of their customers, and to some extent, predict their future purchases.

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