Joe Caserta MIT CDOIQ Symposium Keynote

Joe Caserta Delivers Keynote on Difference between Chief Data Officer and Chief Digital Officer

The Convergence of Data and Digital.

Mapping out a roadmap for maximum impact.

Joe Caserta delivered a keynote at the 12th Annual MIT CDOIQ Symposium. In his keynote Joe detailed the differences between a “Chief Data Officer” and a “Chief Digital Officer.” As we continue to shift into a data-driven digital society, it’s crucial to ensure a cohesive strategy between the chief data officer and chief digital officer.

Joe Caserta MIT CDOIQ Symposium Keynote

In this talk, Joe Caserta will discuss the convergence between data and digital, addressing the interdependencies, ambiguities, and complications between the two. Joe will outline a cohesive strategy to enhance enterprise operations and improve your bottom line.

Below are the slides from Joe’s MIT CDOIQ Presentation.