Joe Caserta Debates the Implications of IoT


Cross-Fire Panel Discussion at Data Summit 2016

Joyce Wells of Database Trends & Applications attended Data Summit 2016 held in NYC earlier this week and reported from the panel discussion, The Internet of Things Cross-Fire Panel. Here is what the panelists had to say…

What’s ahead for the Internet of Things as far as data privacy, standards for interoperability, and meaningful use cases? John O’Brien, principal advisor of Radiant Advisors, Joe Caserta, president and CEO of Caserta, and George Corugedo, CTO of RedPoint Global, addressed those questions in a crossfire panel discussion at Data Summit 2016.

One of the most significant areas where IoT can make a difference, Caserta said is in the medical field. Medical providers, Caserta said, are already routinely tracking data from patients. In addition to Fitbit-type devices, for example, he said, data transmitted from smart scales is being used to monitor patients’ weight changes that may signal health problems.

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