On-Demand Webinar: An Introduction to Blockchain

Understanding Blockchain Beyond Cryptocurrency

In this webinar, we discuss all things Blockchain – its technical inner-workings, characteristics, encryptions, consensus mechanisms, and even a few code samples.

Joe Caserta, Caserta founder and president, shares his vision of where Blockchain fits in the database world.

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Scott Kessler, Director, Business Development at LO3 Energy, presents a practical use case/success story featuring LO3 Energy and Brooklyn Microgrid.

Join us to learn:

  • How Blockchain has been used and how it’s evolved since its creation
  • How the technology works, and its differentiator from other NoSQL
  • The possibilities – and vulnerabilities – of Smart Contracts
  • How Blockchain will grow far beyond the financial sector
  • How LO3 Energy and Brooklyn Microgrid worked together to create a Blockchain application to evolve the utility grid into a sustainable, secure, and cost-effective energy system.

The webinar concludes with a brief Q&A.