Integrating Heterogeneous Data

Caserta President & Founder, Joe Caserta, Discusses the Data Lake at Dama Day 2017.

Caserta, demonstrated how and why the importance for data integration has become heightened over the past few years and presented an optimal solution: the data lake. By framing the entire analytics ecosystem in the Corporate Data Pyramid (CDP), Caserta demonstrated where the data lake falls, what it does, and why the so-called “Digital Age,” has made it a must-have for businesses across a variety of industries. He closed the presentation by discussing real-life use cases based on Caserta clients’ experiences.

In spite of a delayed start time — and a fire drill to boot — Caserta’s interactive presentation style, coupled with the audience’s enthusiasm, made this session particularly memorable.

This is not Caserta’s first DAMA Day. In 2016, he spoke on Governance of Data Lakes and Data Warehouses.