how to implement data vault

Implementing Data Vault: How to Avoid Failure

Data Vault alleviates many of the common data platform delivery failure points but introduces another set of challenges

The path to delivering valuable data products contains pitfalls both obvious and obscure. The biggest challenge is the mindset change.

Data Vault forces us to think differently about data delivery. But from legacy infrastructure to legacy org charts to legacy thinking, financial service (and other large) organizations are change adverse.

Join Daniel Block and Brett Bernam as they lay out an approach for people, processes, and technology informed by their successes and failures with Data Vault implementations.

You will learn to:

  • Prioritize people and processes before technology
  • Think, work and deliver horizontally
  • Fail fast, learn from mistakes and deliver business value
  • Achieve the Data Vault approach buy-in from stakeholders and performers
  • Deliver value through business sponsorship and business focus