Healthcare Data Analytics

Watch Remy Rosenbaum Talk about Data-Driven Healthcare

Leveraging Healthcare Data & Analytics to Improve Patient Outcomes

Drawing on examples from real-world use cases, Remy Rosenbaum, VP Marketing and Analytics at Caserta, will explore the world of data-driven healthcare solutions and how they are effectively being used to improve patient outcomes. He will examine the opportunities; technologies, such as NLP, ML, AI-based algorithms; challenges; and domain-specific considerations of using data analytics for healthcare. He will share how a comprehensive enterprise-wide data governance strategy is critical to leveraging data across the organization.

Remy will review how to effectively resolve healthcare-specific requirements such as working with sensitive patient data, analytics of complex and heterogeneous data spaces including non-textual information, distributed data management under security and performance constraints, and specialized analytics to integrate bioinformatics and systems biology information. Finally, he’ll examine the modern data architecture necessary for effective data-driven medicine solutions.

Watch full Healthcare Data & Analytics keynote: