Information Management Article: The Enterprise Data Warehouse at a Crossroads

Caserta CEO, Joe Caserta, and Information Management Senior Editor, Justin Kern discuss the challenges of The Enterprise Data Warehouse.

After a slow but substantial wave of adoption and maturity over the last two decades, data warehousing is facing a backlash from stunted initiatives and the outright call of its demise from unstructured data streams and big data demands. Joe Caserta heads up his own enterprise consultancy on EDWs, where he finds interest in EDWs strong but changing dramatically over the last nine months. In the hardcore warehousing community, Caserta is also fairly well-known alongside Ralph Kimball as the authors of the static industry resource, “The Data Warehouse ETL Toolkit,” in its 10th year in publication and selling “steadily” in print and digital formats. Information-Management.com Senior Editor Justin Kern recently discussed the rapid change underway for the EDW, the instances where it remains a strong fit and how warehousing has to evolve to stay vital for business data. Read more…