“‘Data Science As A Service’ Is Almost Here, Making It Even More Important To Understand Data” — Forbes

In this piece for Forbes, data intelligence thought leader, Joe McKendrick, expertly summarizes theCUBE’s “Data Science: Present and Future” video panel, with a special focus on ‘data science as a service.’

Hosted by Dave Vellante, the panel featured McKendrick, along with Caserta’s Founding President, Joe Caserta, Bob Hayes, DionHinchcliffe, and Jennifer Shin. McKendrick writes:

“The data-driven organization, as it comes about, will most likely to be led or guided by Batman, not Superman. That’s because few people really have super-human powers, but do have access to the tools and technologies to help make things happen — just as Batman did. At the same time, technology is but one leg of the stool — driving change to become a digital, data-driven enterprise  requires a healthy mix of technology, tenaciousness, and training.”

The panel was held in conjunction with IBM’s #DSForAll and Cognitive Cloud Summit events. Click here to access the full piece.