Data Lake meets Warehouse in Hybrid Data Architectures

Caserta President shares Insights on Evolving Data Architecture in an Interview with Tech Target

TechTarget/SearchData Management senior editor Jack Vaughan talked to Joe Caserta, President, Caserta, at EDW in San Diego last week. Joe shared his views on the relationship between the Data Lake and the Data Warehouse…

tech-targetAs the Hadoop data lake gains more definition and deployments, it’s beginning to look like something that will coexist with existing data warehouse technology. Such a view of hybrid data architectures emerged in sessions at the Enterprise Data World 2016 conference in San Diego, Calif.

“It’s not an ‘all or nothing’ thing. It’s a ‘both’ thing,” consultant Joe Caserta told EDW 2016 attendees. “The enterprise data warehouse will not go away. Even when we are doing Hadoop and Spark and all the other shiny new things, it is still there.”

But data lakes are finding a place in big data science and analytics applications. Caserta, president and CEO of Caserta in New York, said Hadoop-based data lakes are typically built first of all to handle large and quickly arriving volumes of unstructured data. The data lake is a key part of big data trends that will bring change to data professionals’ familiar practices, according to Caserta and others.

“What we used to do with data warehouses was first to create data models, but that has changed,” Caserta said. With data lakes, the models come after the fact. “We don’t do it right away anymore,” he said.

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