Data Lake Governance is Crucial to Big Data Management

techFrancesca Sales, site editor for Tech Target/SearchCIO, quotes experts in the field of data lakes and governance in the article “Data lake governance is crucial to big data management.”  Caserta’ CEO Joe Caserta was recently interviewed for an in-depth article for Tech Target/CIO Decisions and some of his thoughts are included here:

“Data warehouses and databases … are too expensive and too constrained by storage and performance,” said Phil Shelley, adviser and director at DataMetica Solutions replica montblanc in India. But with tools like Hadoop, “we can bring in all of the [historical] and new data, in near-real time, without the use of legacy ETL tools, into one single place,” he said. Plus, data lakes’ lack of data structure offer flexibility to data scientists because they can analyze data without a predefined schema, according to Joe Caserta, founder and president at Caserta in New York.

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