Data lake governance: A big data do or die

“Data lake governance may not be a sexy undertaking, but it’s become a critical component in modern data architecture, according to experts,” reports Nicole Laskowski, Senior News Writer at TeachTarget/Search CIO.  Read what Joe Caserta, CEO of Caserta Concepts, has to say about the role of the data lake and managing the ever-increasing influx of data.

“When I say that, I mean it’s within the walls of your enterprise — like data from an SAP ERP system,” said Joe Caserta, founder and president at Caserta Concepts in New York City. “But now, we’re getting data from third parties that we don’t know — and don’t have control over.” Structuring third-party data upon ingest is tricky because basics — such as how the data was generated and even the content of the data — may not be known right away. With a data lake, companies can move away from the rigid structure-ingest-analyze process to a more flexible ingest-analyze-understand process. “Once we understand [the data], then we can structure it,” Caserta said.

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