Chief data officer job stakes claim in data innovation

“Organizations are becoming more analytics-centric,” according to Joe Caserta, CEO, Caserta Concepts. Interviewed on the increasingly complex role of the CDO and data innovation, Joe goes on to say “their work is about governance, security and compliance and now analytics.”  

tech-targetDifferent forces are at work in data management today, as a push for data innovation is tempered by an equal push for data security and compliance. Chief data officers are tasked with finding equilibrium.

These and related topics were on the docket recently when we caught up with Joe Caserta at the 2016 MIT Chief Data Officer & Information Quality Symposium here this month. Among the overriding forces that concern Caserta, the founder and president of New York-based consultancy Caserta Concepts, are real-time data processing, software development best cartier replica and big data analytics. Our conversation at the event turned to these matters, and naturally, the status of the chief data officer job.

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