Caserta Named On Clutch Shortlist for Top NY Analytics Firms

We are thrilled to announce we have been added to Clutch’s list of Top NY Business Intelligence Consultants.

We have been solving data problems for each of our clients for more than 15 years and continue to find success and achieve more as we grow. Because of our continued dedication to our clients and our efforts in finding the most efficient solutions to their business challenges, we have been named a top big data analytics company.

Clutch, provides verified reviews for thousands of firms around the world based on interviews with clients as well as by using an unbiased scoring system that judges based on factors such as market presence and industry recognition. 

One client, for a large scale data modeling and visualization project with a major university highlighted the effect of our work and expertise:

“It was the first time that academic leadership could easily visualize and access assessments and measurements. It was highly praised and well-received on campus, by both academic leadership and the provost. We operationalized the data that they gave us.”

We value what our clients have to say as it shows what kind of a company we are and what kind we strive to be. Another one of our clients, the VP of IT at a resort group, had this to say:

 “Caserta places a high value on documentation, so they’ve embedded resources in-house, and they take time to evaluate existing knowledge. Their technical expertise and collaboration set them apart in the industry.”

To learn more and read full reviews, be sure to check out our profile on Clutch and contact us to set up a consultation.