Caserta Founder Awarded Top 20 Most Admired Tech Leaders in Business

Joe Caserta Awarded for Data Intelligence Leadership

In December of 2017, Insight Success released its annual issue for the Top Most Admired Tech Leaders in Business. Joe Caserta, Caserta Founder and President, was honored and featured in the spread.

The Calculated Risk 

“Successful leaders have crystal clear vision, take calculated risks and maintain calm under immense pressure. Joe Caserta is one such leader who knows how to empower his team and bring his business vision to fruition.” Joe’s advice for the leaders of tomorrow is to embrace discomfort, “success is always just outside your comfort zone, and if you stay comfortable you will not grow – as a person or as a business.”

The Caserta Way 

Joe’s company Caserta specializes in big data analytics, data warehousing, ETL, and business intelligence. The New York-based consulting firm provides unique solutions for organizations who are going through major transformations, and want to compete in an analytics-driven landscape. “We implement emerging technologies in big data, NoSQL, search, predictive modeling, and data visualization to solve highly complex business challenges, serving clients worldwide in the areas of finance, insurance, healthcare, digital advertising, media, fitness, eCommerce and others.” Being innovative, rather than simply taking orders is prided as part of Caserta’s core identity. “You must be an active listener so that the client is understood and you know the exact problem to solve – from their perspective,” notes Joe.

The Secret to a Successful Team

Collaboration and passion is central to creative thinking at Caserta. “You should motivate your employees to think like an owner,” advises Joe. “Empower and reward employees so they have the same investment in their work as you do. Next be a good decision maker – because a good CEO realizes that sometimes an imperfect decision may be better than no decision at all.”

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