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Joe Caserta, a well-known influencer in the world of data, announced today that his company, formerly Caserta Concepts, has been rebranded as Caserta. The name change comes as the business adopts necessary cultural changes and new services, starting with the addition of Data Engineering Innovation, Disruption Management and Cloud Adoption services. The rebranding effort also includes the launch of their new company website and new website domain name:

“Caserta Concepts as a brand had a great run, but the word, ‘Concepts,’ falls short of describing the depth of what we do,” says Caserta, who founded the company in 2001 and still serves as its President. “Our offerings aren’t limited to concepts; we innovate, we design, we build, and we manage.”

Having evolved from focusing on data warehousing, business intelligence, and big data, the company is now a full-service data intelligence firm with an emphasis on ensuring their clients are maximizing the value of their data. These services are in particularly high demand among long-standing enterprise level companies.

“It’s the most prominent businesses that need the most help,” Caserta says. “They’re beginning to realize that conventional data warehousing methods lack the sophistication needed to handle the requirements of an analytics-driven business. Differentiating data strategies requires an advanced data platform, an advanced data organization, and advanced data processes; that’s where we come in.”

Caserta, who co-authored the continual bestseller, The Data Warehouse ETL Toolkit (Wiley, 2004), maintains that the dimensional data warehouse remains a relevant piece of the data ecosystem, but it may now be enriched with architectures to support machine learning, deep analytics, and data science. The Caserta team’s product-agnostic approach has helped the company innovate fit-for-purpose solutions for over a decade and a half. They continue to perform in-depth assessments of their clients’ needs to design and implement unique, custom-tailored solutions that become the intellectual property of their clients.

Now, with the launch of their Disruption Management and Cloud Adoption offerings, they are taking the process a step further.
Bob Eilbacher, Caserta’s VP, Operations, explains: “What was once seen as technology led projects has evolved into business driven initiatives, with potential realignment of the organization, and changes to well-established business processes to better leverage data analytics. These initiates are truly disruptive, and our clients realize the value of the gains achieved through them once they have a partner experienced in managing the business and IT through the transition.”

As evidenced by the many industry conferences in which the Caserta team speaks and keynotes – as well as the Big Data Warehousing Meetups they host – innovation and collaboration are by no means new components of the Caserta Method; realizing just how central they are to the company’s mission is what sparked its founder’s desire to emphasize it in their culture. “Our inclusive culture and global network are what makes us unique and special,” Caserta says. “And now our brand, our website, and our workspace finally match the superiority of our teams and clients.”