Caserta Announces New Partnership with Looker

Caserta Announces New Partnership with Looker — PRWeb

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Caserta announced today it now partners with Looker, a leading software company that offers advanced business intelligence and analytics platforms. The companies work together to provide the most sophisticated, performant, and user-friendly analytics environments for their clients.

Recently, Caserta, a leading data intelligence consulting firm, recommended Looker, an evolved analytics platform that lets anyone view, explore, and act on the metrics that drive business, as the optimal product to one of their high-profile global media clients. “We enjoy partnering with companies that bring modern, best in-class solutions to the marketplace,” says Greg Wells, Director of Strategic Alliances, Caserta.

“In order to bring the best possible customer experience to our clients, we consider their unique requirements for emerging applications in the data analytics space,” Wells continues, “We concluded that Looker was the best fit for our client.”

As a product-agnostic firm, the Caserta team has the freedom to explore and work with the best technologies on the market today. Caserta is hired by Fortune 1,000 clients to recommend and implement forward-thinking modern data ecosystems on the cloud. With today’s heightened emphasis on data visualization and the cloud, getting data into the users’ hands in real-time is where Looker excels. Looker’s modern architecture makes it an ideal data platform for any cloud-based database (i.e. Amazon Redshift or Google BigQuery), as it leverages the power of the existing compute engines without adding additional overhead to your technology landscape. Furthermore, Looker can automatically generate a data model from the client’s existing schema, and enrich data models with custom dimensions. By using Looker, both technical and non-technical users can answer their own questions through reports and dashboards, or even just explore and curate their own data environment.

To further strengthen their partnership, Looker is hosting a Lunch and Learn session at Caserta’s  Agile Data Warehousing, ETL, & Big Data Workshops. The Looker session, “Big Data for Data Warehouse Practitioners,” will be held on October 20th. The full 3-day course takes place October 18th-20th in New York City.