Blue Apron uses Looker and Big Query to Advance their Analytics (BDW Meetup)

On May 2nd in New York, NY, Caserta, Blue Apron, and Looker joined forces to recount the journey of an enterprise-level migration to the cloud with exciting new technologies. This is the analytics platform of the future.

Greg Wells (filling in for Joe Caserta) shared Caserta’s view on Enterprise Cloud Adoption and how this is impacting BI and the data architecture needed to support big data analytics. Daniel Mintz, Looker’s Chief Data Evangelist, presented a comprehensive introduction to Looker, and Jason Jho, Head of Data Engineering, Blue Apron, gave the audience an in-depth look at the environment that is helping Blue Apron achieve success by using data to become an analytics-driven company.

These are the slides from the Caserta and Looker presentations.