Big Data Platforms for Customer Analytics Become Critical to Enterprise (Release)

New York, NY (PRWEB) November 10, 2016 — A recent survey by QlikTech indicates that 65% of managers still trust their guts over real, tangible data. But the money tells a different story. According to numbers gathered by International Data Corporation in the spring of 2016, by the year 2019, worldwide big data and business analytics revenues will reach $187 billion.

Enterprise-level companies are beginning to realize that the Enterprise Data Warehouse no longer fits all of their data needs – particularly when it comes to customer analytics and determining a customer’s journey to purchase and holistic customer experience. Modern businesses are being inundated with enormous quantities of data coming in all shapes, sizes and formats from various internal and external sources.

While traditional data warehousing and ETL methods are still proficient to collect and analyze uniform data, utilizing multiple structured and unstructured data sets from internal and external sources can be challenging. In response, many large companies have turned to more modern data engineering and data science solutions that innovative agile start-ups have already been favoring. With all of the emerging technologies available, how can a business decide which technology to use to best fit their needs?

On Tuesday, November 15th at 1:00 pm ET, Caserta Concepts Founder and President, Joe Caserta, will be leading a webinar in partnership with Databricks called, Building a Big Data Platform for Customer Analytics with Spark.

During this webinar, Caserta will explain how one of Caserta Concepts’ enterprise clients made sense of the influx of information from new unstructured data sets representing web clicks, emails, and other sources across multiple marketing channels. The challenge is exciting because aside from collecting data from billions of actions made by existing customers, prospects, and unknown web surfers, the client also needs to monitor digital and traditional interactions cohesively to optimize and predict a customer’s path-to-purchase.

Attendees of the webinar will be privy to a step-by-step walkthrough of how the Caserta team designed, built, and implemented a Data Lake that was built on Amazon’s AWS Cloud and Databricks’ Spark on the Cloud offering. The specific architecture of the data ingestion, data lake, data science laboratory, and big data warehouse components as part of a new customized corporate data pyramid (CDP) platform will be shared and discussed.

On a broader level, Caserta will cover how to improve performance and lower costs with newer cloud offerings like S3, Redshift, Spark, and GraphFrames, as well as how to implement identity resolution and segment and individualize potential customer interactions on- and offline to increase high-value loyalty.

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