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Operationalizing Data Governance at MIT CDOIQ

MIT CDOIQ 2020 Keynote on Operationalizing Data Governance Despite Data Governance being a hot topic at organizations worldwide, operationalizing it has continued to be a monumental hurdle. Although many leading organizations have a data governance strategy in place, few have successfully implemented and operationalized their strategies. Join renown thought-leader and founding CEO of Caserta, Joe […]

Wired In Podcast with Doug Laney

Hear the interview with Doug Laney, Data Strategist and author of “Infonomics: How to Monetize, Manage, and Measure Information as an Asset for Competitive Advantage” on the Wired In podcast. In this episode, Doug offers a creative session to recalibrate our personal monetization within data management. When we think of information and data, we tend […]

Watch Remy Rosenbaum Talk about Data-Driven Healthcare

Leveraging Healthcare Data & Analytics to Improve Patient Outcomes Drawing on examples from real-world use cases, Remy Rosenbaum, VP Marketing and Analytics at Caserta, will explore the world of data-driven healthcare solutions and how they are effectively being used to improve patient outcomes. He will examine the opportunities; technologies, such as NLP, ML, AI-based algorithms; […]

Doug Laney Joins Caserta as Principal Data Strategist

Data and Analytics Authority and “Father of Infonomics” joins Caserta to expand Business Strategy Consulting Capabilities Caserta, a leading strategic technology consultancy focused on innovative data and analytics solutions, announced today that data and analytics business strategist, Doug Laney, has joined the firm as a Principal Data Strategist. Mr. Laney, formerly a Vice President and […]

Thoughts on Healthcare Innovation After Caserta’s Healthcare Leaders Dinner

Caserta’s Data-Driven Healthcare Leaders Dinner gathered some of the brightest minds in the industry to discuss how artificial intelligence, big data, and data science are all being used to improve patient outcomes and reduce the costs of providing care. Drawing on experiences both personal and professional, our three expert panelists shared captivating use cases of […]

Caserta Designated Premier Partner for Google Cloud Platform

New York, November 13, 2018—Caserta, an advisory and implementation consulting firm focused on strategic data analytics solutions on the Cloud, is excited to announce it has been awarded the status of Google Cloud Platform Premier Partner. To achieve the distinction, Caserta worked with Google clients to architect and build data analytics ecosystems on Google Cloud […]

Scarcity of Data Science Unicorns Is Stifling Business Growth

Businesses from every vertical are partnering with data and science consultancies who readily have teams of skilled data science people. At a symposium on data and analytics at MIT, I heard Ron Bodkin, the technical director of applied Artificial Intelligence at Google, speak about the challenges of Machine Learning. The secret to success, Ron noted, […]

Shutting Down the Data Center for Good

Learn how to rearchitect a data ecosystem to the cloud and shut down the data system for good. At the Cloud Expo in New York next Monday, November 12, Joe Caserta will deliver an insightful presentation on how to shut down the data system for good. In his talk, Joe will explore use cases of […]