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Operational Excellence in the Cloud

Amazon Web Services insists on five principles: Security, Performance, Reliability, Cost Optimization, and Operational Excellence. Most are self explanatory; Security, ensure that your system cannot be hacked; Reliability, ensure that your system always works; Performance; ensure that your system responds quickly; Cost Optimization, ensure that your system does not break the bank. So what is […]

What Car and Tire Manufacturers Can Teach Us about Cloud Scaling

Cloud for Scale. Ever wonder why Auto Manufacturers don’t produce tires? Scale. The required manufacturing facilities, chemistry expertise and marketing channels required for cars and for tires is remarkably different, thus separating two highly connected industries. These economic forces of scale are what encourage Pirelli, Goodyear and Firestone to create alliances with auto manufacturers. That […]

Developing an Apache Airflow Addiction

Why you need Apache Airflow, Spark, and Notebooks in your ETL code. Assumption: Everyone uses Spark What’s everyone’s obsession with Jupyter notebooks? The terms data engineer and data scientist are thrown around by recruiters and employees alike, but their opinion on the Jupyter notebook will certainly differ. Engineers will shrug, and say “yeah, it’s not a […]

Spectre and Meltdown will be the Death of On-Prem Servers

Recently revealed bugs in CPUs have caused a 25–35% slowdown in processing speeds for server farms. To understand this, we need to understand a bit of processor architecture. Processors have the ability to predict the outcome of a transaction, and prepare themselves for it, known as branch prediction. Imagine you’re driving home, you’re pretty sure your house is […]