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Leveraging the Transformative Power of the Cloud

Crucial Components of Cloud Transformation The technology leaders of today’s most successful companies demand improved performance, scalability, agile process adoption, greater change control, improved system continuity, better risk management, and more effective monitoring—all while reducing costs and overhead—and never jeopardizing security. In the not-so-distant past this laundry list of demands would have been nearly impossible […]

Artificial Intelligence: Why Disruption is the Wrong Word

Thoughts on Artificial Intelligence after THINK Last week I had the pleasure of attending IBM THINK in Las Vegas. The conference was packed with innovative discussions, cutting-edge technology, and some seriously advanced thinking. I was impressed by talking cars, drones that could predict and prevent structural damage, technology that could identify and help cure diseases […]

Data Warehousing

Enterprise Data Warehousing is still relevant. The “big data” era is still very much upon us, ushering in an age of constantly evolving technologies and techniques. Many wonder whether the enterprise data warehouse (EDW) still has relevance in the industry, particularly since many new alternatives exceed the technical capabilities of the traditional EDW at a […]

4 Steps to a Big Data Strategy

Is Big Data a business initiative or an IT initiative?  For decades, businesses have been trying to make sense of disorganized transaction data sprinkled throughout the enterprise, relying heavily on human resources to analyze data via data warehouses.  Steps traditionally include collecting, cleaning, conforming, consolidating and organizing the data for business analysts to perform ad-hoc […]

Leveraging Big Data in Financial Services: Real-World Use Cases

How to Leverage Big Data in the Financial Services Industry. The financial services industry, like many others, is being inundated with data. Finding ways to take advantage of new, unstructured data is the key to making sure financial services providers can gain competitive advantages by improving consumer insight, dealing with risk, meeting regulatory challenges and […]

Higher Ed Gets Serious About Data Warehousing

Higher Education and Big Data For more than a decade, a well-designed data warehouse has been an essential component in the IT arsenal of nearly every successful large corporation.  Providing managers with rapid access to critical business intelligence is the only way for large corporations to stay relevant in a competitive world. While it would […]