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The Top 5 Characteristics That Set Digitally Transformative Leaders Apart

What do digitally transformative leaders have in common? Digitally transformative companies share traits that are inherent in their people and/or culturally mandated by aggressive, visionary leaders. For example, Bezos at Amazon. Before we go further, however, let’s take a step back and understand why leaders choose to invest and digitally transform their organizations in the […]

10 Essential Characteristics of a Successful CDO

CDOs today are tasked with creating more business value from their organization’s data assets than ever before. With that in mind, there are several key characteristics that most CDOs possess that make them successful. In what follows read more about the essential characteristics of successful CDOs as well as how to emulate them. To learn […]

10 Reasons Why Analytics & Data Science Projects Fail

Only 20% of the data science and analytics models that get built actually get implemented. Notwithstanding how hot Analytics and Data Science are right now, the reality is that these projects have as many challenges as any other high-tech project (see The Chaos Report from The Standish Group, which tracks IT project failure to satisfy […]