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Harnessing the Customer Journey

Joe Caserta Examines the Big Data Behind Customer Experience. In this excerpt, taken from Joe Caserta’s Big Data Workshop, Joe discusses the customer path-to-purchase and explains key challenges data architects face, in order to gain valuable insights into the customer journey. Want to take your data-driven marketing further? Watch our on-demand webinar and learn how […]

Creating Data Workflows on GCP Using Apache Airflow

Caserta and SoulCycle Co-Host Apache Airflow Meetup Last night’s Big Data Warehousing Meetup brought together over 100+ data nerds. Guests enjoyed pizza, drinks, mingling, and presentations. The presenters provided an in-depth technical understanding of Apache Airflow and how to use it to create dynamic, extensible, elegant, scalable data workflows on Google Cloud. The Meetup was […]

Caserta Data Engineer Spring Fling Mixer

Data Engineers Mix and Mingle with Caserta Last week Caserta held it’s first Data Engineer Spring Fling. More than 100 of the finest data engineers in NYC converged for the meetup. Attendees enjoyed talking tech over drinks. Check out some of the highlights below. We’re looking forward to the next event.        

Comparing Cloud Offerings and Understanding AI

Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence Insights and Predictions Can you move 100% of your data ecosystem to the cloud?  In a podcast with Wayne Eckerson, Caserta President and Founder, Joe Caserta shares his expert insights on the current trends of cloud transformation and integration. Caserta uncovers his views on the future of cloud computing and […]

Alternative Data: The Financial Services Secret Sauce

Joe Caserta Reveals the Latest Technology and Data Practices Leading top Financial Service Organizations to Success In the world of finance, adapting to new technologies and data practices are crucial to staying competitive. In this video, Joe Caserta reveals the latest methods for success in financial services and explains how alternative data powers ROI, leading […]

Man & Machine: An Unlikely Symbiosis Between People & AI

Paradise or Purgatory – what will be the future with Artificial Intelligence? World Forum Disrupt brings together those who stand at the forefront of business strategy & innovation. The organization recruited some of the industries leading experts at their latest conference Strategy & Innovation World Forum. What Does Artificial Intelligence mean for the Future? Expert technologist […]