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Clean Data for Analytics Insights and Powering Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Transform a Data Swamp into a Data Lake with Enterprise Data Management Strategies Clean data is crucial for deriving insight from data and powering applications like Predictive Analytics, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. “Research shows that 40% of the anticipated value of all business initiatives is never achieved. Poor data quality in both […]

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on the Same Data Lake as Business Intelligence?

Old Meets New with the All Purpose Data Lake The rise of “big data” gave rise to flat data lake architectures. Flat data lake architectures are generally preferred for machine learning applications. But, facing ever growing data volumes, many organizations are still struggling with answering basic questions for simply running the business: 1. How many […]

Caserta Named Top 10 Most Valuable Analytics Brands for 2018

Analytics Insight magazine has named Caserta one of the 10 most valuable analytics brands for 2018. Analytics Insight magazine has named Caserta one of  The 10 Most Valuable Analytics Brands of the year 2018. Among those 10 firms, Caserta was included and recognized as a leader in strategic consulting and implementation of Big Data analytics. Learn more […]

Webinar: Modern Data Architecture for Financial Services

How Modern Data Systems are Revolutionizing Financial Services Firms. Learn how leading financial services firms are exploiting the power of a modern data architecture and cloud-based applications to revolutionize their business. In this webinar, we explore use cases at top financial services firms to understand the benefits and difficulties of modernizing the data architecture of […]

Joe Caserta Receives Honor for Data & Analytics Innovation

Corinium Celebrates the Top Data & Analytics Innovators of 2018. Corinium is a global organization that support’s and inspire’s executives driving the transformation of the digital economy. Their exclusive events are created to enable the strategic collaboration of the best in the business. The leading B2B conference specialists put together a list of  the Top 100 Innovators in Data […]

Caserta Recognized as Top Performing Google Cloud Consultant

Caserta named on Clutch Shortlist of Top Google Cloud Consultants. We are proud to announce that we have recently been featured by Clutch on a shortlist of the top Google Cloud consultants. This complements our listing as a featured analytics consultant. Clutch’s ranking system is based on testimonials taken from clients we’ve partnered with in […]

Webinar: The New York Times and GCP

Cloud Migration Webinar with The New York Times and GCP Learn about migrating from on-premises legacy data warehouse systems to completely cloud-based technology on GCP. Join The New York Times, Google and Caserta to learn about migrating an entire data ecosystem to the cloud. We will explore a use-case at The New York Times to […]

Harnessing the Customer Journey

Joe Caserta Examines the Big Data Behind Customer Experience. In this excerpt, taken from Joe Caserta’s Big Data Workshop, Joe discusses the customer path-to-purchase and explains key challenges data architects face, in order to gain valuable insights into the customer journey. Want to take your data-driven marketing further? Watch our on-demand webinar and learn how […]

Using Apache Airflow to Create Data Workflows on Google Cloud

Learn More about Apache Airflow Including Production Use Case on GCP. Top Caserta consultants share, in technical detail, how to define and configure Airflow pipelines to create workflows that are maintainable, versionable, testable, and collaborative. In this 50-minute webinar you will learn best practices to create Airflow directed acyclic graphs (DAGs) of tasks, enforcing relationships […]