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The Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Migrating to the Cloud

It’s no secret that organizations are migrating to the cloud. Although migrating to the cloud means reduced costs, scalability, and improved security, among other benefits, companies often make the same common mistakes that can be easily avoided when migrating to the cloud. Failure to keep these mistakes in mind could mean that your cloud migration […]

Why Invest in a Data Warehousing Company?

Investing in data warehousing is one of the best decisions you can make for your business. However, most business and IT leaders don’t know why or how to invest in data warehousing, leading to chaos in their management system. Understanding the significance and importance of data warehousing is the only way to deal with these […]

Master Data Management Strategy for Better Business Integration

Have you ever considered the similarity between an impregnable fortress and an active Master Data Management (MDM) strategy? Both need a solid architecture. Both should be technically superior, built strategically, environmentally compatible, boost overall functionality, act as centralized resource hubs, and, most importantly, provide an excellent vantage point for governance. To really understand the similarities between the two, we need to know the […]

Ask the Expert Q&A With Doug Laney

Ahead of MITCDOIQ, Doug Laney, Principal of Data & Analytics Strategy at Caserta, was featured in a Q&A sharing his expertise on major traps that CDOs should avoid. Q: What are a couple of major traps that CDOs should avoid? A: The role of CDOs (or other data & analytics leaders) is about as multifaceted […]

Data Monetization and Infonomics Summit Featuring Doug Laney

Join Caserta’s Principal Data Strategist Doug Laney at InfoGov World’s Data Monetization and Infonomics Summit on May 17 in Chicago, Illinois. Attendees will learn the key principles for calculating and deriving value from data featured in his book, Infonomics, as well as how to navigate the journey to harvesting newfound information value. Doug Laney will be joined […]

The Evolution of Enterprise Data

This environment offers the best speed-to-value data ecosystem. In this excerpt taken from Joe Caserta’s talk on the Convergence Between Data and Digital at CDAO, Joe discusses the evolution of enterprise data from traditional, easy to govern data systems to environments dealing with multiple data sources. He shares his thoughts on transitioning from legacy systems […]