Continued Importance of Data Warehousing, ETL in Big Data Era Spurs Training Workshops Taught by Joe Caserta

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As more enterprise-level companies recognize the need to become analytics-driven, knowledge of agile data warehouse design, the Extract/Transfer/Load (ETL) process for data integration, and how both will remain relevant in the big data era is critical to a growing number of roles in both technology and business.

“Right now, cloud migration makes up roughly 90% of our projects,” says Joe Caserta, author of the continual bestseller, The Data Warehouse ETL Toolkit (Wiley), “If you’re a data warehouse practitioner, you need to be well-versed in big data and cloud best practices.”

Technologists aren’t the only professionals who need an understanding of dimensional modeling and ETL architecture in order to fulfill their responsibilities. “Particularly among data and analytics executives, I’m always amazed by how quickly conversations with people in non-technical roles turn technical,” Caserta continues.

From October 18th through October 21st, 2017, Caserta will host a series of training workshops on the concepts and practical applications of the technology that comprises the bedrock of data analytics.

Each day features a unique “theme,” with a lunchtime demonstration on some of the most cutting-edge software in the industry today. On Day One, Caserta teaches Agile Data Warehouse Design and Dimensional Modeling. Dimensional modeling is the proven technique for designing modern high-performance Business Intelligence/Data Analytics systems. Agile dimensional modeling is dimensional modeling done iteratively, incrementally and collaboratively. Snowflake will provide the lunchtime demonstration.

Day Two centers on ETL Architecture & Design. Caserta covers everything from techniques for analyzing source systems and data profiling, to building ETL modules for handling the three distinct types of slowly changing dimensions (SCDs). Matillion will give the lunchtime demonstration.

The third and final workshop, Big Data for Data Warehousing Practitioners, architecturally ties together everything needed to build a comprehensive big data ecosystem. Starting with an introduction to the Corporate Data Pyramid (CDP), the workshop centers on how to build a data lake and how it integrates with data science, data warehousing and business intelligence on-premise and on the Cloud. A lunchtime demonstration will be provided by Looker.

The course is for anyone interested in learning the latest agile techniques for designing and managing dimensional data warehouses, ETL processes and the newest and most advanced big data and cloud architecture. Beginner, intermediate and experienced data practitioners, architects, DBA’s and ETL designers & developers will all benefit from this three-day training. A 10% discount is available to those who register prior to Saturday, September 30th.

For more information or to register for any or all of these workshops, which all take place in midtown Manhattan, please visit the Caserta Training Page.

About Joe Caserta

Joe Caserta is an entrepreneur, technologist and founding President of Caserta Concepts (now Caserta). He is one of the most respected data technologists and thought-leaders in the industry today. His work was first publicized in 2003 when his innovative approach to Clickstream analytics was featured in Intelligent Enterprise magazine, which became the standard for analyzing web data.

In 2009 Joe had the vision to align Caserta to big data methods and technologies, and it has since remained at the forefront of the “big data revolution,” devising some of the most unique and advanced analytics environments in use today. He is an internationally recognized public speaker on data analytics and entrepreneurial leadership.