Leading membership organization can now predict the most effective marketing strategy for attracting new members to fuel the growth

With more than 38 million members and operations in all 50 U.S. states, this non-profit works to strengthen communities by promoting healthcare security, financial security, and personal fulfillment amongst its members.

Like most organizations, this client is facing increased competition for attention and wallet-share from an increasingly tech-savvy audience. With traditional advertising channels declining at double-digit rates and over 90% of Americans owning multiple mobile devices, it is crucial for them to be laser-focused on the prospective member journey, knowing exactly how, when, why and on which device(s) to communicate their message for maximum efficiency.

With the goal of reaching a growth target of 50 million members by 2020, they sought to transition to a digital-focused company with the dual-goals of improving the overall member experience to increase member retention, while also improving marketing efficiency across all channels to increase new member acquisition.

The analytics team had established a mature traditional analytics and predictive modeling program for their internal datasets. They also had access to third-party (vendor) analytical insights for various touchpoints with existing and prospective members. What the analyst’s sought was a way to pull all of their data together, enabling a deeper level of member attribution and modeling. Pulling these data sets together would require an infrastructure capable of quickly gathering, storing, cleansing and analyzing large quantities of granular data, along with technical expertise to integrate semi-structured third-party data with structured internal data.

Caserta architected and built a unified cloud-based data lake and analytics platform on AWS, providing a fast path to analytics to inform the actions that will drive greater renewal, member acquisition, and registration metrics. This data lake enables the collection and analysis of the large amounts of data available on member profile, transaction, and behavior information.

Data from all available physical and digital channels (direct mail, email, web, and social media) is collected and stitched together into a cohesive data journey per member, enabling AARP to better profile their members to provide more personalized messaging and better prospect targeting.

A key element of their analytics platform is a customized identity resolution capability. Contact records from across all of their data sources are merged into a single, content-rich member (or potential member) profile. This includes merging early “unknown user” cookie-based web activity to complete the full member journey from initial contact.

The newly unified data analytics platform has enabled business stakeholders to gain a high-resolution, 360-degree view into member behavior. It allows for unrestrained data analysis, which enables the business to create more personalized experiences and boost member retention.

The new analytics platform is helping them on the way to reach their goal of 50 million members by 2020.